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Splash is still passionate about portable and fixed buildings that arrive as a kit for on-site assembly and immediate use. Structures range from simple Steel Folding Containers to modular Steel Frame EPS Panel Warehouses. 

They offer some very useful and unique functionality, such as folding, expanding and being installed in just a few minutes.

Since 2015 we invested heavily in bringing fast build portable structures to Western Standards as they are such a great idea, offering solutions for many needs.

Covid 19 has meant putting this part of the business on temporary hold until we announce otherwise. 

We have combined all of our Australian Portable Building Projects into  and gradually removing Despite owning the splashconstructions domain since 2013 we discovered an identity conflict and behaviour best left with Cyber Police.  Be sure to check out our Circus Tents!

New Innovations 2021

We, like many others in the industry are now getting ready for 2021.

Expect to see some quite different and innovative structures arrive in our portfolio.

  • Pop Up Folding Container Shelters Insulated
  • Steel Folding Containers Pop Up Storage
  • Flat Pack Cabins, Offices and Sheds
  • EPS Panel Buildings - Warehouses, Hangars, Malls and Plant
  • Converted Sea Containers

Portable Structures


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