Pop Up Container Shelters

>>> Concept on Hold until borders open <<<

Pop Ups are a range of Steel Folding and Expanding Container Shelters that literally Pop Up from a flat pack in less than 10 MINUTES

These handy units were a great idea and felt could be an essential support for industries on the move, or those needing a quick to assemble temporary or relocatable storage space.

We had worked on this concept for 12 months when Covid 19 hit China, and unfortunately structures did not meet Australian expectations.  By design the structures leaked water and dust, they damaged easily through installation and would not have stood up to the harsh, wet and dry conditions of Australia.

We hope to revisit the concept again when Covid has moved along.


You can view the Transformers at our YouTube Channel

Pop Up Container Shelters   Pop Up Container Shelters

  Pop Up Container Shelters    Splash Pop Up Expanding Container Shelters

Note:  We cancelled a delivery to Vanuatu of the standard version of structures as they are really not suited to Dangerous Cyclone Regions, but expect to have a revised design to include stronger versions post Covid.

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